Woman with Tablet

Tablet Solutions for your Industry

No matter the industry, tablets and embedded computers are making their way in. As Industry 4.0 takes over in factories, Field Maintenance & Logistics become fully automated, and Retail operations shift from store replenishment to Direct-to-Consumers models, affordable, reliable, embedable technology is becoming indispensable. The problem is, many of these devices are built as general use devices, and don’t often adapt well to specialized functions or difficult environments. You need a Tablet Solution.

Fortunately, Estone Tech has the answer. with a team of over 150 engineers, a fully equipped, high volume factory, and the know how for long life cycle, reliable products, Estone Tech can help you find Tablet and Embedded PC solutions for your industry. By using off-the-shelf parts in unique, custom designs, we create cost-effective tablets, panel PCs, embedded touchscreen computers, and other technology solutions that exceed goals and expectations.