Estone Tech offers design, engineering, and manufacturing services for commercial and industrial tablet PCs and the next generation of connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Estone Tech brings an alliance between Intel® Embedded Systems™ and Freescale®, as well as a partnership with Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Systems, providing the resources you need to create adaptable and reliable mobile PC solutions. Together with a diverse product portfolio and a group of over 100 engineers in a variety of disciplines, Estone Tech is able to offer tailored OEM/ODM solutions that reduce R&D costs, shorten the product development cycle, and scale to meet new demands. Estone Tech is able to provide your organization with complete control throughout the OEM/ODM process as your most dependable design service provider. We have service and support offices in several countries in the US and Europe, who work closely with our primary manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China.

OEM/ODM Manufacturing

Estone Tech has more than 65,000 square feet of manufacturing space stocked with the latest in electronics manufacturing equipment. We can meet your scale requirements for OEM/ODM manufacturing. Our factory is tooled and experienced in manufacturing embedded PC boards, rugged tablet computers, auto/marine/rv embedded computer systems, smart panel computers, and more.

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Estone Manufacturing Facility

Board Design

Estone Tech has the resources to provide high-performance and highly reliable system PC (Printed Circuit) Boards for your electronics and computing platforms. We can offer tailored ODM solutions with low cost, a short product development cycle, and scale to meet your demands.

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Industrial Electronics Engineering

Product Industrial Design

Only the best quality in commercial and industrial electronics design. The way your product is perceived and functions should exceed customer expectations, providing an optimized user experience. We also want your product to exceed your own marketing and sales goals. Estone Tech engineers are determined to help you achieve .

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Product INdustrial Design Service

Product Lifecycle Management

Industrial and Commercial equipment often has long expected product lifetimes, from 5 to 7 years or more. It is important that the OEM and electronic components within the equipment all meet the lifetime goal of the equipment itself. Estone Tech begins every project with lifecycle management strategy before any other work begins.

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