First Responder Solutions

Firefighter Rugged TabletRugged Tablets for Fire Departments

  • High quality GPS units guide you on the fastest route to an emergency
  • Fanless, efficient designs work even in extreme temperatures, up to 60° Celcius (140° Fahrenheit)
  • Rugged tablets are waterproof (up to IP65), to resist sprays and mist, and touchscreens work while wet

Security Rugged TabletRugged Tablets for Police & Security

  • Some embedded models available with CAM bus to interface with security vehicles
  • Rugged docking stations keep your tablets charged and secure while patrolling
  • Extra bright screens work in direct sunlight or pitch darkness, perfect for any patrol shift

EMS Paramedic Rugged TabletRugged Tablets for EMS & Paramedics

  • Durable construction resists breakage from drops and impacts an a crowded ambulance or emergency vehicle
  • ET  and MT line tablets are IEC 60601 medically certified, for use in hospital or EMS environments
  • Some tablets equipped with anti-microbial material construction and an IP waterproof rating for easy disinfecting

Insurance Agent Rugged TabletRugged Tablets for Insurance Agents & First Response

  • High quality cameras take accurate pictures of damage & property, tagged with time & location data from GPS
  • Built-in tools like barcode scanners assist with streamlining paperwork and documentation
  • Long battery life (some models 10+ hours) keeps your tablet working as long as you do

At Estone Group we understand the unique circumstances of health care, transportation, and hospitality industries along with the emerging technology of device interconnectivity. With this in mind, we custom design and develop the industry’s most unique tablets from the inside out.

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