Assistive Communications Solutions

Assistive Speech TabletMedical Tablets for the Developmentally Disabled

  • Extremely clear, high contrast LCDs provide bright colors and vivid shapes for touch interaction.
  • IP-Rated Touchscreens are waterproof and extremely easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Tablets are ruggedly built without the need for special cases, and can be equipped with handles, straps, long-life batteries, and other features for use anywhere.

Security Rugged TabletMedical Tablets for the Physically Impaired

  • Embedded high-quality cameras and plenty of I/O ports make tablets ready for Gaze Interaction technology.
  • Powerful stereo speakers give individuals a voice that can be heard even in the largest and noiseist environments.
  • Available Wheelchair or VESA mounts turn rugged Estone tablets into sturdy panel PCs, with vibration ready components & more.


At Estone Group we understand the unique circumstances of health care, transportation, and hospitality industries along with the emerging technology of device interconnectivity. With this in mind, we custom design and develop the industry’s most unique tablets from the inside out.

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