Board Design

The Best in Custom Computer Board Design

Whether you simply want to evaluate a design, or require a complete ODM solution, Estone Tech has the resources you need to develop high-performance, high-reliability printed circuit boards for your computing platform or equipment. Along with the rest of our diverse product portfolio, we offer tailored design and ODM services that reduce R&D costs, shorten your product development cycle, and scale as you move from design and testing into full product production. Estone Tech provides you with complete control throughout the OEM/ODM process.

Board Design Capabilities         

Estone Tech is able to offer PC board development for all types of vertical markets. We specialize in boards using ARM Cortex A7 to A17 architecture, Intel Atom boards for low power and small size productgs, and mutli-core Intel i7 architectures. We also offer modularized boards, audio and video controllers, CAN data bus boards, industrial control boards, and more.

Estone Tech is able to offer PCBs for harsh environments, with operating temperatures between -40c and 70c, salt and soil environments, and other electronic hazards.

Custom Board Design Services Include:

  • PCB placement / Layout / Assembly
  • Custom OS and Firmware Settings
  • Customized Accessories and Peripherals Design
  • Harsh Environment Testing
  • EMC Test

We can manufacture at any volume, from a few units to thousands, depending on the needs of your vertical market


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Dedicated Project Management Team

For each project, we assign a group of experienced engineers in electronics, industrial design, software, and sales. From concept to design, the dedicated project team provides a comprehensive set of services to help shorten your product development cycle and help you accelerate your time to market to give you a competitive edge.


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