Medical Tablet PC


Estone Tech offers the best quality and very latest technology in our lines of rugged tablet PCs and ruggedized touch panel computer systems. Select from any of the products below to learn more about that product, or Contact Us to request more information about custom OEM/ODM Design and Manufacturing of a specialty product to fit your needs.

ET-80 Medical Tablet Transparency


8″ Medical Grade Tablet with NFC & Barcode Reader

Our medically certified, 8″ rugged tablet is perfect for a variety of healthcare automation tasks. With its slim, light design, integrated 1D/2D Barcode Scanner and NFC connectivity, it’s the perfect tablet for the records room, treatment room, pharmacy, or any other sensitive use. Use as a medical PDA, in the nurse’s station, and beyond. Our drop in medical tablet dock keeps the tablet charged and ready in any condition.

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ET-100 Medical Tablet


10″ Wireless Charging Medical Tablet With NFC & Barcode Reader

Our 10″ ET-100 Medical tablet PC combines the very best of our larger and smaller form factor tablets. With a bright, clear, 10.1″ display, wireless charging in our drop-in dock, and all of the great features found in our 8″ tablet, it’s an incredible value in performance.

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MPOS 10 Corrected


10″ Light, Tough, Point of Sale Tablet

Our MPOS-10 10″ Rugged Tablet PC is expressly designed for the needs of retail, hospitality, and food-service businesses. The MPOS-10 comes equipped with the latest in MSR (Magnetic Stripe), touch or touchless EMV, and other secure payment methods. Utilize Pin-On-Glass security with the latest in encryption technology. A complete mobile sales & management tablet solution.

  • Low Power Intel Bay Trail Processor Prolongs Runtime
  • 10.1” Bright LCD with 10-point multi-touch
  • Powerful Microsoft Window 8/10 Pro OS
  • Supports Multiple Payments: MSR/EMV (Contact or Contactless)
  • Support 3DES Encryption and DUKPT KEY management
  • Optional Encrypted Capacitive Touch Screen Input (PIN on Glass)
  • Compliant to PCI-PTS V.40 and EMV/Co Level 1&2
  • Semi-Rugged, Drop-Proof and Waterproof protection

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MR-80-06 Ruggedized Retail Tablet Computer


8″ Portable Computing in Harsh Conditions

When you’re working in an industrial environment or out in the field, you need a rugged tablet computer that’s as tough as your job. The MR-80 offers a tough Metal-Rubber construction, hardened glass, an IP54 waterproof rating, 3G/4G readiness via a SIM Slot, a built in 1D/2D Barcode scanner, and a secure drop-in dock for when you return to the office.

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MR-100 10" Rugged Tablet PC


Our Toughest Tablet PC, An Impressive 10.1″ Display

Accomplish everything you need to in the field without sacrificing appearance or power with the MR-100 tablet. An IP67 Waterproof rating, a hardened chassis, shielded ports, drop in docking, available secure hand strap, 3G/4G connectivity – the features & benefits of the MR-100 tablet go on and on.

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MT100 Front Transparent


10″ Medical Tablet PC

Our MT-100 tablet combines the functionality of our medical tablets with the ruggedness of our industrial tablets to meet a variety of needs. With a magnesium, ABS, and rubber chassis and available handles or cart/wheelchair mounts, the MT-100 can go where you do, inside a facility or outside field service.

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MT-140 Rugged Business Tablet


14″ Rugged Medical Tablet PC

The MT-140 Medical Tablet is the ultimate in commercial/medical tablet PC technology. The Windows based tablet is rugged for rough hospital duty. It’s medical grade chassis is easily disinfected and anti-bacterial. It mounts quickly to wheelchairs, medical computer carts, and other mounting options. Our large, high definition screen enables easy touch control in any environment. This rugged unit is also ready for field service.

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PE-1000 Embedded Touch Panel Computer


10″ Embedded Panel PC with Android/Linux OS

Our ready-made Smart Panel embedded PC solution is ready to meet your needs. Create a smart home or office system with smartphone connectivity that allows control from anywhere. Use available CAN Bus or NEMA2000 Marine Bus connectivity to create a command center for an RV or Watercraft. The sunlight readable, waterproof PC makes a perfect component for interactive outdoor signage.

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At Estone Group we understand the unique circumstances of health care, transportation, and hospitality industries along with the emerging technology of device interconnectivity. With this in mind, we custom design and develop the industry’s most unique tablets from the inside out.

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