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Intel Invites Estone Tech to Join the Internet of Things (IoT) Conversation at Tempe Event

Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

The Intel IoT Solutions alliance helps individuals and businesses connect with IoT solution leaders.

Tempe, AZ – Estone Tech had an opportunity to discuss the latest advancements and concepts in embedded computing and the fast growing “Internet of Things”(IoT) with industry experts and leaders at the Intel® Internet of Things World Wide Connections Event in Tempe, AZ. Held from March 31st through April 2nd, 2015, this selective IoT event brought together roughly 70 worldwide leaders in vertical markets involved in IoT development for 3 days of discussion, development, and networking. Held at the Tempe Mission Palms resort, the event helped forge relationships and contacts that will guide the industry for years to come. (more…)

High Efficiency Wireless Charging System for Your Tablet PC


We are proud to announce that we have developed a high efficient wireless charging system for power hungry tablet PCs. The cost is in par with most  wireless charging systems in the market, making it a very affordable option.

Most wireless charging systems in the market are designed for mobile phones. Many claim they can reach 1A charging current, but often fall between 400ma to 700ma. It becomes a challenge for tablet charging, especially the large tablet in 10” to 12” display size. The charging time often take 10 to 20 hours. For business tablets used in vertical markets such as medical, logistic, and mobile POS, it becomes worse because such tablets often have a large battery. These tablets could take 30 hours to fully charge!
Estone’s charging system uses 12V input voltage to boost the efficiency of the charging pad to transmit the power to the receiving coil inside the tablet. It can generate 2000ma 5V stable current in the coil to charge the battery. The system is reliable and does not generate abnormal heat in the charging area. It will virtually take the same amount of time to charge a tablet as an in-wall AC adaptor.
This wireless charging system is compatible with QI standard. We have tested our system in various tablet platforms and are currently working with leading medical equipment companies for distribution.

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At Estone Group we understand the unique circumstances of health care, transportation, and hospitality industries along with the emerging technology of device interconnectivity. With this in mind, we custom design and develop the industry’s most unique tablets from the inside out.

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