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Automotive Touchscreen Deliveries Rise


Embedded Touchscreen Technology is appearing everywhere these days, from factory floors to fast food drink dispensers. And with reduced costs and increased availability, the trend shows no signs of stopping. Embedded touchscreen computers provide for more advanced, intuitive device controls and human-machine interfaces, while costing less and requiring less manufacturing time and materials than traditional physical buttons and switches.

No field is making better, more consistent use of embedded touchscreen technology than the automotive and vehicle fields. Embedded entertainment centers, climate consoles, navigation and GPS units, and even complete vehicle control centers are growing rapidly. According to a study from IHS Markit, touchscreen computer deliveries to automotive parts suppliers are expected to grow more than 11% in 2017 from 2016, the largest 1 year growth ever seen in the industry.
Automotive Vehicle Touchscreen TechnologyTouchscreen technology in vehicles is also slowly becoming more advanced, as screens slowly move away from slightly more restrictive resistive (physical contact) touchscreens and towards capacitive (electrical potential) screens. Capacitive screens generally support more touch points, and work when wet, or with some coverings, like gloves. This indicates that the software and functions being performed by embedded vehicle touchscreens are becoming more advanced.

Estone Tech is a long time leader in embedded touchscreen and embedded vehicle computer technology. Since 2008, we’ve been providing OEM/ODM embedded computers to a variety of road and leisure vehicle manufacturers, for all purposes. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.

The Positives & Negatives of Multipoint Touchscreen Tablets reports on the trends influencing the growth of multi-point touchscreens over the next several years. Estone Tech industrial tablets, healthcare tablets, and smartpanel PCs include the very latest in multi-point touchscreen technology. Capacitive touchscreens work wet or dry, with or without gloves, supporting up to 10 points of contact. But cost of materials and a lower volume of apps that support multi-point touch may continue to slow the industry for a few years yet.

Multipoint Touchscreen Tablet PCs

Within the next few years, the market for apps is expected to catch up, while new technologies for electrically conductive, capacitive touchscreens, like graphene layered glass, will bring down costs and make supply concerns irrelevant. Estone Tech will continue to be a leader in rugged tablet PCs that provide the ease and adaptability of multi-point touchscreens for any industry.

50th Anniversary of the PIN: PIN-on-Glass & Next Steps

PIN Skimmer PIN Capture device

Today, criminal technology is stealthily capturing PIN numbers and other private data.

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the commercially used PIN Number. The venerable security method got its start in the very first paper-check based bank machines beginning in 1967, ushering in an age where 24-hour access to all types of data. Unfortunately, that also meant an age where all types of data are available to anyone able to get hold of your PIN number and other identifying information. Recent advances in criminal technology have led to PIN Skimmers and other devices that, for a time, may have put the PIN number on thin ice.

Fortunately, the long, proud, history of the PIN number hasn’t run out just yet, as new devices and technology have provided ways to combat criminal activity that will be very hard or impossible to overcome. Advances such as EMV cards, also known as Chip & PIN cards, require that an encrypted, non-duplicatable card be present (more…)

Estone Tech Looking for Bright Growth Opportunities at Display Week Expo

Display Week Digital Touchscreens LogoLos Angeles, CA – Electronic display industry professionals worldwide will gather at the Los Angeles Convention Center this May 21st-26th for a week of learning about the current state of the industry, and the latest advances in display screen technology and tools. Among hot topics expected to be discussed are all-weather touchscreen technology, and touch screen security measures, such as Pin-On-Glass technology. Previous shows demonstrated the growth of affordable OLED technology, while this year’s show will demonstrate advancements in AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) and a discussion of the growing role of Women in the Display Technology industry. (more…)