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HMIs and Industrial IT take Center Stage at SPS IPC Drives 2017

SPS IPC 2017 LogoNuremberg, Germany – “Europe’s Leading Exhibition for Electronic Automation” is a tag line sure to catch attention, as much of the European and worldwide industrial technology community gears up for several days of learning and networking about the latest in industrial electronics automation at SPS IPC Drives 2017, in Nuremberg, Germany. From November 28th – 30th, thousands of professionals representing hundreds of companies and organizaitons will gather to demonstrate the latest in industrial automation technology; from HMI tablets to electric drives and gears. Industry leaders ranging in size from multi-national conglomerates to small-innovative outfits will have a chance to demonstrated their knowhow and solutions for Industry 4.0. (more…)

ERP: Food Processing & Packaging Automation

Food Processing and Packaging has been one of the fastest growing areas for automation over the past decade. With perishable raw materials, strict regulations about equipment function and cleanliness, and an ever changing market for material sources & prices; being able to quickly adapt a food production or packaging operation is essential. One of the biggest steps towards efficiency for food production & packaging operations has been the implementation of the ERP, or Enterprise Resource Plan. (more…)

Automation Tablet Tech to Highlight Westec 2017 Manufacturing Expo

Westec 2017 ConventionLos Angeles, CA – With an emphasis on smart manufacturing and the inclusion of automation and digital technologies in all parts of the manufacturing chain, this year’s Westec Manufacturing Convention and Expo brings plenty of opportunity for manufacturers to improve and grow their businesses. Three days of seminars, break-out sessions, and an expo featuring hundreds of companies and representatives from every area of manufacturing technology come together this September 12-14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The convention is expected to draw tens of thousands of attendees from across industries as diverse as aerospace, medical technology, industrial machinery, and consumer goods. Attendees can learn about the latest advances in the Internet of Things, and how they can use those technologies in their own manufacturing processes. (more…)

What is Industry 4.0 – and How do Tablets fit in?

Industry 4.0 Timeline MapA term many industrial concerns are hearing more and more these days is “Industry 4.0“. Sounds vaguely ominous, doesn’t it? ‘What was Industry 3.0? How many new things do I have to learn?’ Fortunately, not nearly so much as you think – and Estone Tech is available to help with the rest.

Industry 4.0 is simply the next step in industrial evolution. The original Industrial Revolution brought powered machines like steam pumps, conveyors, and stamps into the factory. (more…)

What Factors Go Into a Military Mobile Device

The Marine Corps has announced that their new Marine Common Handheld, or MCH, the next step in their ‘Nett Warrior’ program to equip soldiers with battlefield ready technology, will be ready by 2019. The device integrates necessary military software & tools with rugged tablet devices to give US service members in the field the ability to communicate location and situation, receive critical battlefield intel, and become a more efficient fighting force. (more…)