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Our Mission

To provide the very best in rugged, semi-rugged, and specialized mobile computing products, focused on Tablet PCs and Panel PCs.


Estone Manufacturing FacilityEstone Tech was founded in 2008 by a group of technology entrepreneurs from the US and Asia who share a vision of mobile computing and a connected world. Each founder has more than 2 decades of experience in the computer and technology industry, bringing expertise in management, marketing, product design, manufacturing, and customer service.

Estone China Main DeskSince its founding, Estone Tech has grown into an industry leader in Rugged Tablets & Embedded Computing solutions.. We have global reach, with representation in many countries, and we work regularly with several Fortune 500 companies. In the US, Estone Tech now operates sales and support facilities in California and Ohio. We are supported by manufacturing & testing facilities in China.

What we do

Custom ODM Product DesignEstone Tech is a professional OEM/ODM Design and Manufacturing Firm. Today, we produce tablets & custom computing solutions for the Healthcare Industry, Commercial Business, the Retail & Hospitality Industry, and for demanding Industrial, Manufacturing, Field Service, and Logistics Industries. Our product lines include rugged and semi-rugged tablet computers, medically certified tablet computers, vehicle head & entertainment units, connected home/auto AV systems, commercial & industrial smart panel embedded computers, and more. We also produce the latest in embedded smart panel systems for home automation, recreational vehicles, watercraft, and interactive kiosks & signage. Our products are robust, built for water & dust resistance, indoor and outdoor use, with drop & impact ratings for your industry.

Estone Tech has multiple manufacturing and R&D facilities across the US and China, allowing us to provide our clients with affordable, high quality OEM/ODM services, volume manufacturing, and quick turnaround. Our goal is to provide the best quality products and services for our clients, with one stop OEM/ODM service, industrial design, certification, field testing, manufacturing, and product life-cycle management.

We also offer a complete line of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products that allow new and existing clients to test or use the latest technologies and newest platforms without needing a custom OEM/ODM project. Our manufacturing facilities and design expertise allow us to bring solutions from the test phase to a complete project much quicker than our competitors.


Rugged Custom Tablet ComputersBecause we do all of our Research and Development in-house, Estone Tech is able to offer a wide range of products for every use. By controlling every phase of each project, we are able to ensure that every product manufactured meets our strict guidelines for quality control and functionality. We employ well trained engineers in a variety of disciplines and technologies, with experience in all types of computing platforms and vertical markets. Our areas of expertise include: rugged electronics design and the development of computer systems robust enough for dirty, abrasive, wet, abusive, high vibration, and high salinity environments. We are also a leader in computer accessibility, developing tablet computer systems ready for wheelchair mounting that support mobility-impaired individuals in their every day life.

Wheelchair MountEstone is a founding developer of the next generation of IoT (Internet of Things) devices with 3G/4G LTE connectivity, high accuracy GPS device, and remote control over the cloud. We work extensively with vehicle SAE1939 CAN bus and NMEA 2000 data and interfaces. We have the design and manufacturing ability to find solutions for any industry. Estone Tech can turn your concept or idea into a physical product quickly and affordably.


Estone Manufacturing FacilityIn addition to our US facilities, Estone Tech has multiple R&D and manufacturing facilities in China with over 250 employees; more than 100 of them are engineers. This gives us the ability to control the design and manufacturing process from start to finish. We constantly update our manufacturing equipment to ensure our products are reliable and meet the latest trends and requirements. Our entire manufacturing process has been certified by ISO 9001:2000 to ensure all products produced meet the strict quality control standards of each vertical market.


Temperature Testing CabinetOur electronics manufacturing facility includes:
- More than 18,000 square feet of factory space
- More than 3000 square feet of warehouse space
- Clean production areas
- Humidity and temperature controlled warehouse storage
- Up to 3 Shifts, 140 Employee manpower capacity
- Up to 15,000 Units/Month maximum manufacturing capacity

We are equipped with the latest in electronic product testing & manufacturing equipment, including:
- Commercial microscopes
- Spectrum Analyzers
- PCBA Testing Equipment
- High/Low Temperature Cycle Chambers
- Product Tumblers
- Button Life Testing (Up to 100,000 Cycles)
- Tensile and Impact Testing
- Static Resistance, Water Resistance, and Vibration Resistance Testing
- Product Age & Lifecycle Testing
We do all this to ensure that you receive the most robust, durable and lasting rugged tablet products available.


  • Manufacturing Base Space: 65,000 square meters
  • Manufacturing Staff: 250 persons, 90% of technician staff have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Outputs: motherboard 15K/month, PC System and accessories 20K/month
  • Environmental Compliance: Compliable RoHS requirements


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